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Our Mission

Our goal is to form a bond of trust and commitment with our clients and our community.  We do this by providing a safe environment, by supporting a diverse clientele, and from building a team that helps clients achieve a life worth living, and empowering people by being a positive presence in our society.

Who We Are

We are a group of experienced and dedicated therapists, doctors, and life coaches, who provide therapy and psychological evaluations for individuals from age 5 and up. Our group is highly diversified in specialties and modalities; providing care for many different symptoms including anxiety, depression, anger, stress, spectrum disorders, ADHD, grief, trauma and PTSD, spiritual trauma, sports psychology, self-harm, eating disorders, family issues, and many symptoms and issues associated with LGBTQ+. 

Ours is a safe and supportive environment whose primary goal is to have our clients form a bond of trust with their clinician so that they can develop tools to heal and learn strategies to cope with any life stressors and curve balls that will inevitably happen.

We provide in-office sessions in Mansfield and Arlington, and virtual sessions for clients residing throughout the state of Texas. 

Not all clinicians accept all insurances, but all do accept self-pay clients. Self-pay sessions allow our clients to have access to their choice of therapist and to not have medical records shared with insurance companies. Many clients have out-of-network benefits that can help cover the costs of self-pay appointments. 

IMPORTANT COVID19 INFORMATION:  Not all therapists have resumed their appointments in-office.  You and your therapist will discuss when your appointments will resume in-office, or if you are a new client, you will be informed of how your appointments will take place.  For in office appointments:

Mansfield Office

602 Strada Circle, Ste 108, Mansfield, TX

Russell Payne, Melissa Goldthwaite, Tina Herrera, Natasha Lovett, and Christie Greeley see clients in our Mansfield office. 

Arlington Office

750 N. Fielder Road, Arlington, TX

Lisa Landry and Natasha Lovett see clients in our Arlington Office

 Office hours are Mon - Thur 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.  and Friday 9 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Please contact the office at (214) 306-4898 or for scheduling.  

Appointment availability varies by therapist.  

We have appointments available during regular business hours, after business/school hours, and on weekends for your convenience.